To promote employee development, work-life balance and a comfortable working environment, we will implement the following action plan.


April 1st, 2019 – March 31st, 2024 (five years)


Objective 1

Pregnancy, childbirth and childcare leave; paid child education leave; to provide information about social insurance exemptions during childcare leave.


4/2019~ Survey the legal basis for action
6/2019~ Inform employees of the leave system in a timely manner

Objective 2

To provide counseling and reduce hours (or transfer to a department allowing for reduced hours) for employees with preschool-aged children, if desired.


4/2019~ Explaining the system to all responsible managers to promote understanding
5/2019~ Implementing the option for hours reduction or transfer in line with employee wishes

Objective 3

To support paternity leave.


4/2019~ To inform employees in all workplaces.
※ Full-time employees can take up to three days of paid paternity leave at the time of birth.