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ACT Generator in Tsukuba, Ibaraki: for staffing, janitorial and facilities services.

May 21, 2024

9:30 〜 18:00




With employee recruitment becoming more difficult due to the ageing population and decreasing workforce, human resources requirements are becoming more varied. We meeet the outsourcing needs of over 50 diverse customers under these conditions, specializing in the Kanto area.

We emphasize general medical business, nursing assistance, equipment disinfection and environmental management and food service, and properly employ a wide variety of human resource methods.

We aim to provide services that will satisfy our customers.

Food Service

At ACT, we provide meal-related services at medical institutions, long-term healthcare facilities and more.

Disinfection / Environmental Management

We provide support for the safe use of medical equipment and the operating room through operating theater assistance, cleaning work, attending to the main materials room and performing device maintenance.

General Office

Our specialized staff provides high-quality support in reception, point-of-sale, ward clerkship, secretary work, information processing and more.

Nursing Aides

We can help realize cost reductions by assisting in patient support and care, cleaning and room preparation (e.g., bedmaking), consultation, document management and in-hospital messaging.

From Consultation to a Management System

  1. Listening to customer wishes

    We listen to customer concerns, sources of dissatisfaction and problem points; we confirm the type of work and its location, how to improve operations, necessary items, precautions, etc.

  2. Internal Review

    We draw on the rich experience of our staff by holding an internal review. A plan is produced according to customer wishes and we provide a quote.

  3. Second Consultation

    Both parties confirm the improvement plan.

  4. Assignment of Personnel

    We assign specialist staff to perform the functions provided for in the plan. If problems occur, we will consult with the customer to provide a solution.

  5. Meeting

    The responsible manager and specialist staff will hold regular briefings for the customer. They will cooperate to improve operations to solve short-, medium- and long-term problems and points of dissatisfaction before trouble arises.