From office buildings to apartment complexes to commercial facilities, gathering places accumulate garbage and become less clean over time.

Regular beautification services are needed for this reason; delays may result in an uncomfortable environment.

At ACT, we will clean your buildings inside and out so that such conditions do not occur, and work to beautify the space under high-level guidance.

We will consider the physical space, the type of cleaning required and customer wishes to determine the proper cleaning conditions in accordance with the characteristics of the building. This will include staff requirements, as well as cleaning methods, duration and frequency.

Floors and carpets
Garbage collection
Stocking consumables
"Hot water supply rooms," washbasins, etc.
Outdoor areas

At the time of founding, we felt drawn to the name of the ACT JAPAN company. We now use ACT JAPAN’s high-quality products in the course of everyday cleaning and can sell them to our customers.

Products from other companies can be used by customer request.