After living in a home for many years, deterioration will occur in various areas. These include the water supply required for daily life (kitchen, bath, WC, etc.), family gathering places such as the living room, other Japanese- and Western-style rooms, and other areas (entrance, stairways, exterior walls, verandas, etc.). Why not renovate for a safer, more comfortable home?

Five Main Objectives for Renovation

  1. Improved accessibility (e.g. residences for the elderly)
  2. Reversing building and equipment deterioration
  3. Change in family circumstances (e.g., the children have moved out)
  4. More comfortable home environment, or earthquake-proofing
  5. Improve energy efficiency of electrical systems with high running costs

From typical residences to factories and cafeterias, to commercial facilities, we can renovate them all the same. Our corporate customers can expect their newly renovated locations to increase employee motivation and productivity.